Associated Networks

Prospective Members

The International Council serves communities, NGOs, governments, and inter-governmental organizations by locating and bringing together national networks/associations of community cultural centers to get to know one another and partner around the shared belief that inclusive voluntary arts can be the medium to promote the transmission of local intangible cultural heritage and support cultural diversity, which on their part are factors in the strengthening of holistic sustainable development. I3C is based on the voluntary participation of associated networks, whose membership so far is non-financially-based and is organized in a rather informal, flexible way around I3C as the shared on-line platform of ideas and trans-national projects. For networks to become associated, there are two main ways:

1. Pro-active invitation of associated networks:

In this case, I3C locates through research, conferences, and other sources relevant networks and associations suitable to be invited to join as an associated network. I3C also invites to its Research Advisory Group (RAG) relevant research institutions, academics, and individual researchers with proven contributions to the field of community-based arts as bridge to social transformation. The above mentioned associated networks are expected to complete a candidature dossier with description of their work and renew their entitlement to membership in the Council by submitting a report on activities every two years.

2. Open acceptance and revision of applications for membership:

National networks of cultural centers (state-funded or non-governmental), formal or informal associations, institutions which themselves have helped create networks, and individuals (scholars, experts, and practitioners) with proven contributions to the field of community-based arts are encouraged to approach I3C and apply for membership.

All accepted associated networks of community cultural centers become members of the General Assembly of the International Council of Cultural Centers, which will meet physically, if means allow, every two years. All members have the right to vote and set the major programmes, activities and strategies of I3C to be carried out by the Executive Council, which is currently composed of its founding members - artists, scholars, experts and cultural practitioners from Bulgaria - but which will be renewed with the election of an International Board at the first formal global meeting of I3C's General Assembly planned for the end of 2011 - beginning of 2012. Until then, the goal of the Council is to grow as a family of the relevant networks and associations of community cultural centers existing around the world and the related research bodies.

Our main principle is unity around shared values and shared community service mechanisms, not the formality of the network and its administrative structure, which will be developed as a collaborative process as we grow within the family.

Overall, I3C's mission is to promote the cross-pollination of centers (houses) and creative people, which we can summarize as a

Movement to Connect The "Home-less" Artists and The "Art-less" Homes

(in the cases when the community cultural centers are not very active), which is a collaborative process when professional and non-professional artist work together by pro-actively approaching such community spaces where they exist or organize movements to create centers where there is no access and work towards local cultural vitality and richer social life. This is why I3C would work closely with organizations like the UK Voluntary Arts Network and AMATEO, the European Network of Amateur/Voluntary Arts, to link people and spaces.