National Networks:

  • Kenya, Bomas of Kenya Cultural Center - IFACCA member (
  • Kenyan Network of Cultural Centers, Ministry of Culture of Kenya
  • Burkina Faso, Networks of Maisons de la Culture et de la Jeunesse (youth) and Maisons de la Femme (for women's artisan products), funded by local municipalities but part of national cultural policy; I3C is developing a project with the Maison des Cultures du Monde to soon be open in Burkina to begin a Program for the Unification and Animation of the two national networks through an itinerant cultural program on a Mobile Cultural Center housed in a bus
  • Mozambique, Network of municipally funded Casas de Cultura, connected as a model to the Brazilian Casas de Cultura and the Portuguese model
  • Morocco, Maisons de la Culture in major cities
  • Rwanda, Ishyo Arts Center, Mobile Cultural Center Project (within a former Mobile Library books bus from Belgium) traveling around Rwanda to develop smaller local focal points cultural centers (Contact person, Carole Karemera,
  • South Africa, GOMACC, Gauteng Organisation of Community Arts and Culture Centers ( , Contact Person Director Dennis Sehlabane, ) The Gauteng network partners with the Johannesburg City Dept of Culture (Contact Person, Steven Sachs, to further develop vibrant city-wide arts centers network and set the foundation to revive the National Federation of Community Arts Centers launched in 2003. Currently, the Department of Arts and Culture ( sees the community arts centres as “focal points to make an impact at the local level” as nodes in the Sustainable Rural Development Programme and the Urban Renewal Programme. Recent portion of the budget is to be allocated to the renewal of the National Federation was announced at the IFACCA World Summit on Arts and Culture, Johannesburg (September 2009)
  • Sudan, Rashidiab Arts Centre (