• Japan, Shizuoka National Cultural Festival (of Community Arts and Heritage Groups) -
  • Japan, Tokyo Wonder Site - - Institute for Contemporary Arts and International Cultural Exchange, contact person Yasuku Imamura, and Power Point Project: developing “points of culture”/cultural centers, where “points create lines, lines create surface and surfaces house people and relations” to promote sustainable development through local culture and arts.
  • South Korea, Sarangbang Culture Club Network (Contact persons, Mr. Ryu, Seongnam Foundation Project Coordinator,,, and Dr. Yunju Kang, Professor in Arts & Cultural Management, Kyunghee Cyber University Seoul,
  • South-East Asia Community Learning Centers (CLCs) Network,initiated by UNESCO in 1998 in Thailand (UNESCO Bangkok): set up in both village and urban areas in 24 countries in the Asia and Pacific region with definition: “Local educational institutions outside the formal education system, for villages and urban areas usually set up and managed by local people to provide various learning opportunities for community development and improvement of people quality of life” (UNESCO Bangkok Appeal Training materials for Educational Personnel: ALP-CE, 1995)
  • Read more in Manual for the Implementation of CLCs, published by UNESCO Bangkok (available at,
    The Ban Nai Soi Community Learning Center pilot model -

  • Vietnam: Houses of Culture
  • India: Khoj Workshops, International Artists’ Association -
  • Indonesia, Jakarta Arts Council (contact Marco Kusumawijaya,, National Green Map Project