TAC, Taller de Accion Comunitaria, Valparaiso, Chile


Community Action Workshop (Taller de Accion Comunitaria, TAC) is a social civic initiative, started by social worker Patricia Castillo to mobilize a low-income community spread on a hill in the coastal city of Valparaiso, Chile, to clean the whole side of the hill that they had turned into a huge dumpster and create there terraces of green with an amphitheater for performances that will fill the neighborhood with music. The image of colors and music inspired the locals and people got mobilized to clean the area and under the rubbish they managed to dig out a whole buried house that was later turned into a community cultural center that now houses a variety of art workshops, run regularly by local volunteers, which is the most amazing aspect of TAC's work: people from low-income background got committed to be volunteers due to the sense of self-esteem and also the appropriation of the community house which was developed with their own efforts and enthusiasm. A lot of the activities that require more materials, are simply things that the participants collect money together to purchase, and generally locals just volunteer to teach what they are good at or form community art groups.