Casa de Ensaio (House for Rehearsals [of life]), Campo Grande, Brazil

Casa de Ensaio (House for Rehearsals [of life]) in Campo Grande, Brazil, was started as the volunteer hobby and passion of professional actors Lais and Arturo Doria, who decided to dedicate their lives to spreading the beauty of theater as a rehearsal for life and real problem-solving (from where the name of the center). For year the organization operated mainly run by volunteers with thousands of young people from the local disadvantaged areas having been trained not so much in professional theater skills, though some went on to find jobs in the professional performance arts sector, but more importantly in inter-personal, social skills how to coexist side by side with many diverse people. Casa de Ensaio visited the Bread House in Gabrovo, Bulgaria, during the ASSIST International Summer School on Arts and Sciences for Sustainability in Social Transformation ( and the two are partnering on developing programs through which to inspire more good practice exchange through their national networks of community cultural centers that both are actively part of: pontos de cultura in Brazil and chitalishte in Bulgaria.