2nd Latin American Congress on Cultural Policies organized by the continental Cultura Viva Comunitaria Network

 Between 28th and 31st of October, 2015, in the capital of El Salvador, San Salvador, will be held the 2nd Latin American Congress on Cultural Policies and Cultura Viva Network. With the support of the president of El Salvador and various Latin American Ministries of Culture, this important gathering of active non-governmental organizations in the rising Latin American field of “arts for social transformation” will discuss and further develop programs and projects.
As a result of the First World Summit of Community Arts Centers and Networks, organized by the International Council for Cultural Centers in Bulgaria in September 2014, at this Latin American Congress there will be a special discussion panel and overall attention dedicated to the initiative of developing a global network dedicated to “community arts for social transformation.” One of the concrete suggestions framed in the proceedings of the World Summit was to name this global network with the simple but clear name “Cultura Viva”. Such and other more concrete ideas about cooperation projects across continents (Latin America, Africa, Europe, Asia) would be discussed and, we all hope, would evolve and connect more and more people, organizations, and networks around the world.