Happy-Nes(t)s: Incubating and connecting creative communities for social innovation as a means to improve local wealth in peripheral regions.

With partners from Bulgaria (The FabriC Association and I3C/Bread Houses Network), Spain, Canary Islands (Procediendo lab: design and social creativity for sustainable local development) and Poland (Foundation for The Living Culture ‘White Crows’), this project aims to explore different forms and fields of creative interventions described and presented in three case studies. By nurturing citizens’ creativity and connecting creative people, communities and places in the participating cities, the project will investigate, design and implement various tools, generate publicity and make policy recommendations focusing on the correlation between creativity, social well-being, social innovation and development policies. The project outcomes include a series of local and international workshops, creative interventions in urban spaces, a questionnaire, methodology, indicators to serve the research activity, publications, “Happiness Index Seal” – an artistic logo-seal that would be awarded to initiatives promoting social joy and well-being. The long-term objectives include the creation of a social environment that encourages and appreciates creativity, the strengthening of cross-sectoral partnerships, to influence policy decision-makers to acquire new competences to develop programs and support mechanisms stimulating creativity and innovation. The project addresses a heterogeneous target group that includes artists, creative professionals, cultural workers, students, scientists, organizations (cultural, social, environmental, business, universities, etc.) and the general public.
 The project is financed by the European Cultural Foundation