Beth Uriel/House of Light, Cape Town, South Africa

Home to 26 previously disadvantaged young men between the ages of 16 and 24, Beth Uriel, "House of Light" in Cape Town, South Africa, is a center committed to the passionate pursuit of independence for each one of the family members. With Christian principles and family values at its core, the Beth Uriel family is dedicated to creating opportunities for those who would otherwise have none. Wrestling with issues of poverty, lack of education and the affects of HIV and AIDS on youth, Beth Uriel aspires to offer comprehensive care in every aspect of our program.  

Beth Uriel has done all this as the boys worked with a volunteer professional artist to develop an innovative and successful fashion product brand, Me Kasi,, a good practice of a cultural industry that also works as a social enterprise.

'Kasi' means locasie, location, township style, South African style. Me'Kasi products are made at the Me'Kasi lab by the Me'Kasi team at the Beth Uriel house, Salt River, Cape Town. The Me'Kasi team is young and diverse and is made up of members of the Beth Uriel family. "Its our way of helping ourselves and of being part of This Way Up", the boys say!

Beth Uriel is also a sister center in the Bread Houses Network, as Nadezhda Savova spent time working with the boys at Beth Uriel developing a painting workshop and bread-making workshops while she was an artist-in-residence for Byzantine iconography at the Greatmore Studios, www.greatmoreart.orgCape Town, September 2009.