LUMIAR Institute: Democratic leadership in innovative education

Lumiar's principles of school organization and teaching can be applied effectively in any kind of organization, but are particularly  relevant to the methodologies of engagement and the needed attention to the built environment in the informal education, life-long learning and community arts field developed by I3C. In its essence, Lumiar is a school different from conventional ones: it attempts to travel along new paths for the education of the XXI Century, building a new perspective of education and learning and adopting an innovative pedagogical practice, in line with this perspective.

For Lumiar, educating is an ongoing process of human development carried out through learning (and not necessarily through schooling) and learning is building and expanding competencies and skills. Lumiar’s curriculum is, therefore, a competency matrix which encompasses the learning expectations the school has in relation to students. Learning takes place actively, by facing and solving problems, in projects developed based on the students’ interests. The assessment is not conducted through tests or examinations, but rather from observations, interactions and dialogs among several agents involved in the process – including the learners themselves.